Supplying Marine Lubricants and Fuels since 1961

In 1961, Distribuidora Puerto Buenos Aires was founded and
appointed as official distributor for YPF marine lubricants and fuels
in all argentinian ports, at the time YPF was still a state-owned
company and fully regulated by the argentinian government.
Convey S.A. was founded 20 years later. as a consequence of the
oil market disregulation in Argentina. Convey S.A pioneered the
fuels and lubricants distribution in the marine industry, when the
international marine trade and physical supplies were merely
delivered in small lots.

With an established board of directors for almost 50 years, our
highly skilled staff and wide experience supported by our continuous
training and excellent commercial reputation within the local and
international shipping community, we at Convey S.A. are looking to
continuously improving the quality of our service to our customers.

BP - British Petroleum Marine chose Convey S.A. to achieve
their brand expansion goals in Argentina. As of today, Convey S.A.
continues supplying BP Marine lubricants as their Delivery Agent.

Castrol Marine and Chevron Marine have both trusted Convey
S.A. for the distribution and supply of their marine lubricants. To this
very date, Convey S.A. continues to deliver for Castrol Marine in

Lukoil Marine Lubricants also decided to appoint Convey S.A. as
marine lubricants Delivery Agent in Argentina
Total Lubmarine chose Convey S.A. as their marine lubricants
Delivery Agent for Uruguay

Address: Sarmiento 212 - Floor 11 - C1041AAF - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel / Fax: (+5411) 4331-0766 / (+5411) 4331-7819 / (+5411) 4334-2990 / (+5411) 4342-8741

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